Monday, January 31, 2011

Leaves all in a Row {4/52 MCP}

This week's MCP Project 52 theme had me overwhelmed for ideas. We were slated to photograph "Soothing Repetition." I thought of all sorts of things. The ever repeating sunrise and sunset every day that is so calming, the ritual of bedtime with the Adster every evening. Unfortunately, I never thought of those things when they presented themselves, so they never got photographed. While on my afternoon lunch break walks through the historical district here I had so many ideas. I took pics of a number of them. There was the even repetition of a fence along a yard. Then the soft arches of an iron gate repeating itself in actuality as well as in its shadow drew me in. Neither really spoke out to me when I looked at them later on. I contemplated how the not so even repetition of the soothing, tangled branches of ancient oak trees would be a wonderful representation of 'Soothing Repetition.' However, once I went through my walk photos, they didn't have the impact that I felt about them when I was taking them. As I clicked through the pics, the one that did end up jumping out at me was just as repetitious as the previous contemplations. It drew me in and made me want to edit it into a better composed photo. I decided that it was to be my weekly submission for this theme. It's technically winter here in the foothills of the Texas Hill Country, but it's been looking like fall this past week. I happened upon this pile of leaves blown up against the curb of the street. Closely knit together, the row of them continuing on and on. They were lovely and made me happy. They were soothing. I knelt down and clicked the camera a few times. I didn't think they would be my chosen shots for the theme at the time. They simply made me smile. So here they are, this week's "Soothing Repetition," my leaves in a row. Repeating themselves along the curb, knowing they will soon blow away when spring arrives, only to come back to the same place in a year. They are a true representation of our world as it repeats itself in the seasons of our lives. That may sound a bit poetic for a pile of leaves, but I like it.

{4/52} Lined up Leaves

To understand the point of these '52' posts, see the inception of it all:

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  1. Oh wow! Your pictures are fantastic! I SO wish I would have done MCP's 52 pics a year, rather than my own Party of Three pics (a pic a week of my 3 kids together) - ugh! Portrait photography is not my strength; I would do so much better photographing things that don't move - LOL! Beautiful pictures!