Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project 52 #2 M3B

As I mentioned previously, I am doing two different Project 52 groups. This is the second, un-themed P52. This is the one through http://www.my3boybarians.com/. I really think this one will be easier and not as much of a challenge, only in that it is wide open for subject matter. It is much easier to take photos of whatever you want as opposed to having to fall into a certain parameter. Here is my photo for the week. I posted it on the group Flickr page last week and am late getting it on here. I'm already scoping out shots for this week's submission. Still haven't decided what the weekly pic will be. I like the surprise of finding out what you like best about the stuff you have been taking pics of.

The following photo is also one I took with my iPhone, as I hadn't (once again) started seriously thinking about the project and didn't have the SLR in hand. I took this on the road the other day when it was drizzly and gray. I edited the pic with the Instagram app which is pretty cool. It's like a twitter for only photos. I'm really starting to enjoy it.

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