Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Princess Dancer {3/52 MCP, M3B}

~Disclaimer: I am, once again, tardy in putting this post together. I promise! No more!!~

Last Monday, we had a holiday from work. Thank you, Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for making an impression on our world and the way we treat and see others. I appreciate your contributions to society as well as the fact that kids don't go to school on the day we honor you.

The Adster and I set up an impromptu photo shoot in the kitchen. I have a large picture window in my dining area that is great for natural light. It is probably the best/only place in my house that is prime for this kind of lighting. I hung a neutral colored blanket from the ceiling and let it drape onto the kitchen table. Adster put on her dance clothes and brought out all her princess crowns and wands. She stood and sat on the table posing for me until she was over it. We got a number of fun shots, but this one is my favorite.

For my MCP P52, the weekly theme was 'Shades of Grey.' I took the photo and created a black & white version of it. I think it gives it a softness that you wouldn't otherwise find in an unedited version of the picture.

{3/52} Princess

I am combining my posts for both of my project 52's this week because of two reasons. First, I'm behind and playing catch-up. Second, I used the same photo for both of them.

For M3B's P52 I left the photo in its colorized version. I did very little editing. I evened out her skin tones a bit in a spot where she had a rash and lightened the bags under her eyes. Poor girl and her allergies! I made her eyes stand out thanks to a photoshop action from The Pioneer Woman. Love that now that I know how it works!

Please let me know which version of the shot you like more. I'd like to hear what you have to say.

{3/52} Beauty


  1. This is April, LOVE the pics! You did a great job!!

  2. This is Dori. i love the black and white one. no matter what addie is gorgeous, but the black and white one leaves your mind to fill in the color.