Thursday, January 13, 2011

Old Paint {2/52 MCP}

This week's MCP theme has been challenging for me. I have been wracking my brain on how to creatively "illustrate a song" for the theme. I see other people's submissions for this one and am amazed at all the neat ideas they have and end up feeling very uncreative.
Last night, however, I had a bit of an accidental breakthrough. Adster wanted to use one of the project kits that she got for Christmas. This kit was a horse painting set. They included 3 little horse statues, paints and a brush. The brush was kinda crappy, so I graciously allowed her to use my good paintbrushes that got me through college. Boy, that was brave on my part!! She painted that horse in such a painstaking and methodical manner. It was super cool to watch her. I was asked to help for a bit, which I did in between moments cooking dinner. When she was done painting (aka, when Mommy told her to stop b/c dinner was ready) she had quite the creation. I loved the way she seemed to have a definitive idea of how she wanted the horse to turn out. What started off as her wanting to copy the horse on the packaging ended up as a brilliant patchwork of equine colors. So her lovely little horse, which I'm sure will get more color this evening and will have a name by bedtime ended up inspiring me for one of this week's pictures.
There's a song called Old Paint by Chris LeDoux about a cowboy riding his faithful and intelligent horse home. Well, the fact that it is a horse and painted caused me to feel a play on words there. I thought about a background for the horse and decided a picture of a pasture or something would be neat. Unfortunately, the art books that I have didn't quite have what I wanted. However, I went with it. I think I really like the way the photo turned out. Old Paint, the horse, in front of an old painting... Well, hope you enjoy!

{2/52} Old Paint, originally uploaded by Yellowwick.

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