Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rachel & Ava {4/52 M3B}

A couple of weekends ago I had the privilege to help Rachel and Will watch their little girl, Ava.  She's adorable.  They are moving into a new house and weren't going to be able to get much done while having to watch her also.  After the work was done we hung out in the backyard for a while and I caught this pic of the two of them.  Rachel is an actress and always gives good face in a photo, who would have thought that it's genetic and Ava is just as awesome?  I think they're great, but I'm not sure I like the editing of it.  The sun was escaping from us and I had the ISO bumped way up to be able to get the shot.  There was a lot of graininess to the pic because of it.  I tried to get as much out as I could, but it still bugs me a bit.

{4/52} Pretty girls

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