Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Great Thou Art {6/52 MCP}

I have a memory that stands out in my mind.  It is very special to me.  It is probably one of my favorite, most fond memories.  It includes smells and everything.  I honestly can't remember how old I was when it happened..  I couldn't have been too terribly old.  Maybe 5 or 6?  I was with Rambler2Dad.  I'm sure we had been running errands and had to make one more stop.  It was when he was still driving his old Rambler. That was probably one of the crappiest cars. However, I remember it fondly. There was this bumpy plastic cover over the seats I used to push on the bumps of. And it had this smell... Such a distinct 'old car' smell. Motor oil, old vinyl, and nature that seeped in all mixed together to have such a comforting, interesting scent.  I loved the smell of that car.  Still do.  Dad sold it a few years back.  Rambler1
I was sad to see it go, but it had long been put out to pasture and needed an owner who would bring it back to its 1960's glory. I would love to see it these days. I wonder if it looks any better. Hope so. Anyway, we were riding around in the Rambler. I do not recall why or how it began, but Dad decided that I needed to learn the words to "How Great Thou Art." he told me that it was one of his favorite hymns. My dad has a really pretty baritone voice. It resonates when he sings that song because it means so much to him. I recall him patiently going through the verses with me having me repeat them an sing them back to him as we drove. We ended up at my Granny's house. Dad ushered me in and after we said hello, he anxiously and excitedly asked me to sing what I had just learned for Granny. I think he ended up singing with me. He was super proud of me that day. I think he was happy to have spent the afternoon with me. It was a great day and will stick with me always. I now love the song, too. It makes me happy, not just for it's meaning, but for the memory it envokes.

When the theme for photos this particular week (Feb. 5-11, I'm late posting again!) was "Words."  I, once again, wasn't sure what to photograph. I looked at my bookshelf. Saw my hymnal and thought, "Hymns have words. I'll do that." So here is what came of it. I was going to randomly open the book and find anything that looked good in the lens, and then remembered some of my favorites. This one won out.{6/52} How Great Thou Art

(Thanks to Google Maps for driving through neighborhoods taking shots of all the homes. This will be the last picture to have been taken of the Rambler.)

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