Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beer Bread {6/52 M3B}

We got a bottle of beer bread mix for Christmas from Ma & Pa.  All of us did.  Everyone was intrigued and we were looking forward to making it.  All you do is take the bottle of mix, add baking soda and a bottle of beer, stir it up real good, pour it in a loaf pan and bake!  It is the easiest thing to do.  We contemplated using a Honey Moon, but after Shiner came out with their new 102, which is a wheat brewed beer we decided that would be the best choice.  So I made the bread the other day and it was divine.  A bit dense, but really good!  So, here's my pic for the Feb. 7-13 (late post!).
{6/52} Beer Bread

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